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Atlanta Residential Landscaping Services

It’s well recognized that an appealing landscape will significantly increase the value of your residential property. Captive Landscapes will work with you on landscaping concepts and details which are specific to your landscape and preferences. Through our one on one approach, we take the time to listen carefully about the look you want and how your family or tenants will use your property. Following our consultation, we can creatively incorporate the unique characteristics of your property into the landscape design to provide you a product that embraces your individuality.
Captive Landscapes residential landscape services utilize proven techniques that result in successful installations. Our highly skilled horticulturists ensure that soil conditions, light exposure and wind direction are considered when placing plants. This results in healthy plants that thrive and appreciate in value as they reach maturity.

Captive Landscapes can install shrubs, trees, sod, and seed. For shrub and tree installation, we only purchase top quality shrubs and trees and install them properly to ensure optimum growth and health. We also install hardscapes including retaining walls, borders, and pathways, constructed of various types of stone, mulch, brick or synthetic products.

Introducing Captive Complete
Captive Complete is the perfect solution for homeowners who are in search of a turn-key experience. Let our team of professionals handle all of the needs of your lawn year-round. From lawn maintenance and flower bed installations to outdoor lighting, tree stump removal, pruning, architectural design, fertilization and so much more! Click Here to learn more about Captive Complete.
Taking the Confusion Out of Landscaping

Chances are if you have dealt with landscaping companies in the past, you have found it to be a  confusing situation with more questions than answers. Some landscape companies use fast talking leaving you unsure about what exactly is being done. That is not the case when you partner with Captive Landscapes. Everything that we discuss will be provided to you in either an architectural drawing, animated 3D video or colorful mapping. We always make sure you know EXACTLY what our team of professionals will be working on. There will be no second guessing or surprises with your landscape project. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation for your residential landscaping needs in the Atlanta and surrounding areas.