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Dultuth, GA and Doraville, GA Residential Landscaping

Capitve Landscapes provides residential landscaping services to homeowners and rental units in the Duluth and Doraville area. We offer a turnkey solution to all of your landscape needs including Water Features, Hardscapes and Illumination. For over 10 years, residents in Duluth, GA and Doraville, GA have enjoyed the professional and affordable landscaping and lawn maintenance services by Captive Landscapes. We invite you to Contact Us to discuss your specific needs.
Turnkey landscaping services in Metro Atlanta provided by Captive Landscapes.
Here are just a few of the residential and commercial landscaping services offered by Captive Landscapes.
  • Residential Landscape
  • Commercial Landscape
  • Stone Work & Retaining Walls
  • Drains and Drainage Systems
  • French Drains & Top Dressing
  • Dry Creek Beds
  • Large Tree Install & Tree Pruning
  • Ponds, Waterfalls & Aquascapes
  • Custom Patios and Arbors
  • Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces
  • Outdoor Living Rooms
  • Land clearing and Grading
  • Outdoor Lighting & Illumination
  • Flower beds, Annual beds,
  • Koi Ponds and Pool Design
  • Custom Landscape Design
  • Hardscapes & Erosion Control
  • Lawn Care & Lawn Maintinence

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Dultuth, GA and Doraville, GA Commercial Landscaping

Captive Landscapes Commercial Landscaping division provides services to clients in the Douglas and Douglasville area. Our commercial division excels in turning your property into an inviting picturesque environment. We work with commercial buildings, apartment complexes, strip centers, shopping malls and more to transform the ordinary into extraordinary. Contact Us today to learn about the professional and affordable commercial landscaping services offered by Captive Landscapes.
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